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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

On Collecting: Vintage Sheet Music

Vintage sheet music is an interesting and affordable way into buying and collecting antiques. The covers themselves are decorative and colourful enough to be framed and hung as works of art in their own right and many have catchy and humorous song titles, making them perfect gifts too!

Masquerade Waltz Song, c.1950

You're A Real Sweetheart, 1938.

Sheet music from the 1890s onward featured favourite songs from the stage and notable performers of the day often graced their covers so collecting these song sheets can be a great way to get your hands on stage and film memorabilia.

Riding on the Clouds, c.1940.

Jolly Good Fellow Lancers, c.1900.

Reasonably priced and attractive, not many objects of 20th century popular culture are so accessible and so fun! Many of these items are well over 50 years old and keeping in mind that they were mass produced on thin paper it’s unusual to find them in great condition, especially as they were used rather than kept as decorative items. Our collection has survived in excellent condition and the covers are varied in design, from Victorian gothic to art deco to cute and kitsch.

There's a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl, c.1930.

The Wedding Waltz, c.1940.

At Sotheran’s we have a super collection of vintage song sheet covers, all in excellent condition and many mounted ready for framing. With prices starting at only £20 whether you’re a musician or antique collector these original vintage song sheets are a great opportunity to own a fabulous piece of 20th century memorabilia.

The Amber Witch Waltzes, c.1900.

Les Grenouilles Polka, c.1900.

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