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Friday, 12 February 2016

Sotheran's for Ski Posters Season 2016

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If you are getting ready for skiing this half-term you may find at many resorts you are surrounded by the original advertising posters. In recent weeks the records were set at the annual Christie's Ski Posters Sale, with a poster for Gstaad reaching a staggering £62,000, not bad for what can be described as ephemera.

For many artists of the twentieth-century, commercial advertising commissions were readily accepted as bread and butter money. However, if Man Ray were able to see his modernist design for a London Transport realising the sum of £50,400 in June 2007,  he would perhaps be quite surprised. Thus, it is not speculation to suggest that travel posters are experiencing a revival of importance, and a growth in intrinsic financial value like few other antiques. The collection on view at Sotheran's not only represent popular resorts but are exceptional lithographic designs from notable artists.